Frappe a typical italian Carnival dessert recipe

Here the secrets and the recipe about one of the most famous typical dessert of  italian carnival. Every cities or italian region: call it with various name: Frappe, Chiacchiere, Bugie, Cenci, Crostoli, Intrigoni, Galani, etc
The roman name of this dessert is “Frappe”.
The Frappe are  very easy to prepare, but you must remember two things:
1 – pull the dough very  thin, if you have a rolling pin with adjustable thickness, thickness 0.
2 – Put it in the refrigerator covered for half an hour.

In this recipe I have used Spelt Flour instead of tradiotional Wheat Flour and a Williams-Christ pear fruit distillate


Shopping list

PREP TIME: 10 minute  + 30 minute rest time COOK TIME: 30 minute TOTALE TIME  1,10 hours



1 – Melt the butter in a double broiler
2 – Put all the ingredients in the mixer for dough then formed, when it is ready make to rest the dough.
3 – Pull the dough very  thin  and cut it into rectangles.
4 – FRY few rectangles at a time in plenty of hot oil, drain well on absorbent paper, move the frappe on a serving dish and sprinkle with icing sugar.
5 – Serve

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  1. Il Carnevale quest'anno cade un po' più tardi, ma credo proprio che anticiperò i tempi, non si resiste ai fritti di Carnevale, e a guardare queste foto la voglia mi assale 🙂 Ciao, buona serata.

    "Mi piace"


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